Your contributions can help those in need. Your donations will be channelled to areas like emergency medical fees and education for children and hosting social activities.

At age 40, Tracy lost her husband through cancer, leaving behind 3 children aged 7, 6 and 5. She earns RM750 a month from a part-time job.

Rosalind is 48 years old when her husband died suddenly of a heart attack, leaving behind 3 children aged 10, 7 and 2. Presently, the family survives on SOCSO’s monthly allowance and she is still looking for a job.

Lucy’s husband died in a car accident when she was 40, leaving behind 2 schooling children aged 14 and 12. She works in a clinic earning RM600 a month. For these 3 families, life is a daily struggle, both emotionally and financially. They are just a few of the many widows (not their real names) that GGP reaches out to on a regular basis.

The fund is started with our own pocket money and the CNY ang pow monies of our children. Our first contribution of RM500 came from a widow herself. She was only earning RM750 a month. It was so difficult for us to accept her donation but she said she wanted to sow into our outreach after we have helped her recover from her grief.

Your contributions can help those in need. Your donations will be channelled to the poorest widows through our Widows’ Fund to provide for them monthly cash assistance, emergency medical fees and education expenses for their children.


For any donations & support

Kindly issue cheque in the name of GGP Outreach Bhd and send to
B-9-9 Megan Avenue 2, 12 Jalan Yap Kwan Seng, 50450 Kuala Lumpur;
Bank in your donation to Maybank Acc. No. 5142 53 57 7330 and email the details to the email below:

"I urged those of you who are still grieving or in some ways have not properly dealt with your grief but thought you have overcome it, I advise that you come to join the weekly Support Group meetings for the Bereaved."

We Are Here For You

If you have any questions concerning grief or how to reach out to grieving persons, please feel free to ask us. Selected Q&A’s will be featured in our website and newsletter.