Grace to grieving persons over the loss of loved ones

email to ggpoutreach@gmail.com or call 012-387 8668 now

GGP Outreach is a non-religious community service in Grief Support

Provided by trained caregivers who have themselves gone through the journey of grief.

For one-to-one grief counseling sessions, you can choose to go on a community pro-bono (free-of-charge) basis, pay a nominal fee of RM600 for 3 sessions, or pay full professional fees at RM700 per hour. Fees are payable upfront.

"Grieving over the loss of a loved one is an intensely painful journey and I feel that without some mature people like Edmund and Pauline walking alongside me, such a storm in life will be too terrible to bear."

Support the Cause

Your contributions can help those in need. Your donations will be channelled to the poorest widows through our Widows’ Fund to provide for them monthly cash assistance, emergency medical fees and education expenses for their children.